Monday, May 15, 2006


I was just really excited to go to work this morning. I love my job. I awoke up thinking what interesting calls am I going to have today.

Well, I've had three and they were all pretty boring -- two MVAs and an I want to get out of work abdominal pain from the warehouse where we always go for i want to get out of work calls. Still, I've had a good day. I've been working on the computer, getting lots of good work done, particuarly gthering reasearch on the new protocol changes I want to propose, including steroids on standing order and magnesium for asthma, and morphine for undifferentiated abdominal pain. While at one hospital I went into their bookstore and bought a book about pain management and it had a great couple pages about how in age of advanced diagnostic tools and tests denying morphine to patients with severe abd pain is archaic and inhumane and how all the research shows it helps rather than harms diagnosis. I looked at another book, which said pretty much the same thing, including what to say to the surgeon if he is angry at the ER doc for giving morphine. The doc should suggest the surgeon give the patient narcan after first explaining to the patient that he needs to put him back in extreme pain in order to help see what is wrong with him.

I'm only working till four again today as I have to go to a meeting for my trip to the Domminican on Saturday. I'm off tomorrow, but back on Wednesday.