Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hacuna Matata

Rainy Sunday. Only worked ten hours because I am soon off to see The Lion King.

Did a diabetic with a blood sugar of 36, and then was called for a stroke. Found a man in bed with a flaccid right side and difficulty speaking. His family found him this morning unable to get out of bed. He had a blood sugar of 56, but that was because he couldn't get out of bed to eat. I gave him an amp of D50 and it caused no improvement. The last call was for a "blown aneurysm in the arm." It was a pass from the commercial service, sending us lights and sirens. Our patient, at a nursing home, met us by walking down the hall. The nurse said there was just some yellow discharge from the site of the "anerysm." He was very stable.

My relief who I asked to come in two hours early for me, came in two hours and twenty minutes early, which was great.

Hacuna Matata.