Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hunter Thompson Style

Last night was my birthday so I celebrated by drinking nine Presidentes. I tried to drink a lot of water before I went to bed and took a couple tylenol. When the alarm went off, I was dragging. Since I rarely if ever drink the night before a working day, I was a little paranoid that I might still have alcohol on my breath. I gargled half a bottle of citrus-flavored Listerine, and sucked down a quarter of a bag of mentol lyptus Black Cherry cough drops. I also rehydrated myself with a liter of Normal Saline Hunter Thompson style. I was good to go.

Fortunately no calls for the first two hours, so I slept.

Another what I would call tedious day as a paramedic. Did five calls.

1) Depressed dehydrated housewife who was feeling dizzy. Repeat customer.
2) Woman feeling anxious about the heat, called 911 just so she knew someone was there who would help her if she couldn't cope.
3) Woman in a nursing home rehabbing a knee replacement had a vasovagal syncopal episode while working with the therapist.
4) Sent to a pschy call, but cancelled by PD before we got there.
5) Psych patient at a nursing home punched a wall and was gennerally misbehaving. Repeat customer. The service had even transported her once already within the last 24 hours. She'd just gotten back from the hospital.


So how do I feel to be a year older? I feel the same. I don't feel as old as I am. Still its a little depressing to watch the years mount.

My goals for the year?

1. Be a good person. (Speaks for itself)
2. Be a good paramedic. (Don't burnout)
3. Keep writing about what I do. (This blog and a novel)
4. Work alot (Stay financially solvent -- stay ahead of the game)
5. Work out alot. (Stay healthy)
6. Study Spanish (Habla todos los dias)
7. Work on my poker (Stay disciplined, no Tilting)

That's it.