Monday, August 01, 2005

Some days

100 years old, lives at home, feeling nauseous. Vitals were better than mine.

54 years old, feeling lightheaded, has been for two weeks, thinks it might be menopause. Has called her doctor several times for same problem. He thinks its menopause. Calls us because her doctor is at lunch. Vitals, except for a BP of 150/80, not quite as good as good as mine. She decided to have her son drive her to the doctor's office.

Woman in nursing home fell. Complains of shoulder pain. Has dementia. No deformities, full range of motion. They want her checked.

Lady hit in head by box at work. Has bump on head. No other complaint. Vitals as good as mine. They drove her from one building to nurse's office. Nurse had left for day, so she took shuttle back to her office. Friend told her she should call 911 to record event. She decided not to go to hospital.

Exciting job.

Some days.