Saturday, July 30, 2005

Where Everyone Has Been

Slow day. A twenty-year old with a headache and a thirty-year old with gas pains. Both walked out to the ambulance.


The paper had a big spread about the accident. So far there are four confirmed dead. No names. The big story is about how the truck had past violations for faulty brakes.

I think part of the reason the story is getting such play(besides being a horrific accident) is that it occured in a place where many people have been. Just about everyone in this area has at one time or another gone over that mountain. We have waited at the light at the base of the mountain. And we all know people who travel that route everyday at rush hour.

It could have been me, we think. It could be someone we know.

When we hear someone describe watching helplessly as the truck sped toward them out of control, we can picture it clearly. My god, don't hit me...