Friday, July 22, 2005

The Check

Well I wrote out and mailed off my check to buy into the company. There were several forms to sign and the instructions for signing them were very confusing. I hope they don't reject it if I filled it out improperly. There was no phone number to call for clarification, and I didn't look at the paperwork until last night. If all is approved I will own 25 Class B units.

I decided to buy in for the following reasons:

1) I like the idea of employee ownership, even if the amount I am purchasing is miniscule.

2) I feel if I do speak up against the company or offer suggestions for improvement, I will have more credibility for putting my money where my mouth is.

3) While I believe EMS should be a municipal obligation (and I would love a municipal pension) I believe that done properly the utility model (government regulated private EMS) may be the most efficient (at least in this state--which lacks county government) -- the key being that there be sufficient commitment to and safeguarding of the quality of medical care delievered. Efficient financially and in use of medical resources.

4) In all likelihood if I am to remain in EMS, I will remain working for the company. I have seniority, the opportunity to make good overtime pay, and am getting too old to start over somewhere new.

Now that the check is mailed, I am glad I did it. I feel good about it.


Slow day today. One nursing home call for the woman with dsypnea and declining SATs, who felt better with some 02, and did not want to go to the hospital. Her vitals were all fine. She had no shortness of breathI think she was another case of pulse oximter inititated transport. I took her in, then got my breakfast in the hospital cafeteria -- oatmeal, a banana, and a Diet Coke with Lime.

A construction worker cut his leg on some wire.

A ninety year old had a slow irregular pulse when the nurse at the residential community was conducting a routine exam. We took her in. She had a sinus arrthymia with a rate from 20-80. She was asymptomatic aside from two recent dizzy spells.