Monday, August 08, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

I'm on the Strip in Las Vegas. I watch the volcano blow up in front of the Mirage, then outside Treasure Island, I watch a band of pirates attack a ship of female sailors with full cannons firing. I'm walking across the street when I hear a loud crash, then hear a police siren approaching. I hear a strange wobbling sound and look to see a car coming toward me on blown out tires, and realize the car is not stopping. It crashes into a car waiting at the light, then the driver leaps out and starts running, followed by the police officer who has leapt out of his car. The man turns the corner, slips, then the police officer is on him, and another officer appears. They have drawn guns. I can see a red laser light on the man's chest, then suddenly, he is jumping up, then I hear a dull firecracker sound, and see the man holding his arm, and then I am swept up in a crowd.

The whole time I am thinking, wow, I'm in the middle of a Cops episode. Police cars are screaming in from all directions. Pretty cool effects.

I look in the paper the next day to see if there are any accounts of the shooting, but I don't see anything.

A typical Las Vegas night.


Had a good time, but spent way too much money. I stayed downtown at an old casino called the Plaza. It was $25 a night for the room. I was there as part of a poker tournament. I didn't win, but I played okay. I went down when my AK suited lost to a pair of kings.

Ate at several all you can eat buffetts, which were good. Saw an awesome show called Ka. Spent a lot on cabs.

Drank Coronas.


One morning sitting in front of the hotel, I saw a familar ambulance company pull up, follwed by a Fire ambulance. There was a man sleeping on a bench. They roused him, and made him get up and stumble on, then they left.