Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Amber Alert

I failed my test. It was a three hour test. I was done in an hour. I knew half the questions and gave my best guess at the others and didn't sweat it. It serves me right for not studying. I'm not too upset because as I wrote before the only reason I took the test was I had paid for it a year ago, and would have to pay another $200 to take it again if I didn't do it this month. I lost interest in the program a year ago, although I still think it is something I may do at sometime. I will just have to study next time. I got a B on the first course with a month of part-time study. I was just hoping for a C on a week of quarter-time study. If I take it again, I will study seriously and shoot for an A.


Eight calls today.

Abd pain, maternity, transfer, lethargy, transfer, chest pain, fall from wheel chair with head lac, and muscle strain.


When we did the maternity, security had to let us in the door. They have this area now called an Amber Zone where all entry and exits go through double locked doors and are on camera to prevent anyone from nabbing one of the babies.

Later went to a dialysis center, and where we used to be able to hit an automatic button, today we had to speak to a guard over an intercom to get in one door, and then talk to a nurse though a glass window to get in the second door.

I imagined an Amber Alert going out.

"Missing a seventy-one year old female named Mattie with no teeth, a diaylsis shunt in her left arm, and one leg. Last seen accepting a caramel from an eighty year old man with a cane and a brown hat."