Saturday, April 15, 2006


Worked ten hours in the city. Spent the first two and a half sitting around. It was a nice day. I studied Spanish.

The four calls we did were for an elderly woman who choked on some water and may have aspirated, a woman from a group home who had a routine colonostomy on Tuesday and now had a grossly distended, rigid abdomen, a college student with a turned ankle and a transfer.

I played around some more with the capnography, but I was having problems with it. The apnea alarm kept going off even though the patient was breathing.

I did another electronic run form -- I can only do them at one hospital because the printer doesn't work at the other hospital. It took me awhile to do it, even with the plug in keyboard I bought. Then after I turned it in, I noticed that somehow the patient's age was listed as one day old. I know I typed in her birthday, but I must have hit something to make it register as today's date. Oh well.

I went home and played some poker online while I watched the Red Sox game. They were losing 3-0. I was also surfing the internet and eventually I came upon an article about the Red Sox losing 3-0. I thought that was odd -- the game is only in the 6th inning, then I realized the game I was watching was being played in the daylight and it was dark out. I was watching a rerun.

I'm not as sharp as I used to be.