Friday, March 17, 2006

Winter Wind

This cold has got me beat down. Sometimes when you are sick, it seems like you just can't picture yourself ever being well again. I have generally been very healthy in my life. And I know that my current sickness is nothing more than my annual winter cold. I can't really imagine what my patients feel like -- people who are really sick.

It is nice outside today -- or at least it looks that way. When I went out the winter wind was bitter. Yesterday my partner told me he saw a robin. I can't wait for spring to be here again.

I signed up today to go to Baltimore next week for the EMS conference:

Conference Schedule.

I went several years ago when it was in Philidelphia and thought it was great. This year I've booked a room at a run-down motel eight blocks from the convention center. It is only $80 a night. They wanted over $300 for the Marriot. If I had booked in advance I could have gotten a conference rate.

I should be feeling better by then.