Monday, March 06, 2006

3 patients

3 patients, all 3 I have had before, one had recurrent pnemonia, one a recurrent rectal bleed, and the other a fever.

I gave the fever patient some fluid. We were driving down the highway and all of a sudden, she says, I'm getting wet. I look. The IV catheter has come completely out of her arm. The fluid is flowing out through the catheter spraying everywhere and blood is coming out of the hole in her arm. To make matters worse we are in our brand new ambulance. This is like the 5th call it has ever had. Blood on her gown, blood on the sheets, blood on the floor. Some on the cabinets. Not happy about it.

I played around some more today with the electronic data forms. They need work, but have potential. We got it to print at one hospital, but it wouldn't work on the other hospitals. What will be nice about these forms in the end is that everyone will be leaving a legible run form.