Sunday, February 26, 2006

Code Status

60 year old female with low temp this am (87.6) and low blood sugar(given 2 mg glucagon at 6 AM), now this afternoon (5 PM) has high blood sugar - 400 and a normal temp (98.6). Family wants her evaluated. Here is her medical history taken from the nursing home W10: HTN, CHF, dementia, IDDM, hyponatremia, dehydration, anemia, depression, PVD, seizure, GERD, acute respiratory failure, CAD, hypothyroid, UTI, mental status changes, agitation, dsyphagia, pancyoponia, bilateral urethra stents, chronic/acute renal failure, facial fractures, cellulitis, hematoma R hip, constipation, coagupathy, PE, GI bleed, hemolytic anemia, high cholestrol, mediastial mass, edema, high K, OBS, atonic bladder, DJD, hypocalcemia, hypoxia, sepsis.

Code status: Full


Did two false alarm medic alarms, then a realone for a patient who tripped in the bathroom, and had neck and back pain.