Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Psuedo Seizures

Worked 16 hours. From 8 in the morning until four, did seven back to back calls.

1. a woman with chest and back pain
2. a woman with an anxiety attack
3. a woman who fell and didn't remember why, but had forgetfulness issues
4. a woman with the flu
5. a woman with pneumonia
6. a woman with pseudo seizures
7. An MVA with two refusals

The interesting call was the "pseudo seizures." We get called to a psychiatrist's office for a breathing but unresponsive patient. The psychiatrist is freaking out. She shouts "Hurry! Hurry!"

I see the patient slumped on the couch and it is apparent to me that the patient is having a psychiatric issue. Her eye lids are twitching, when I open her eyes, she rolls them into the back of her head. She fails the hand drop, etc. The psychiatrist explains it all happened when the woman was trying to explain what it is that happens to her. She gradually comes around, and opens her eyes. Her husband has arrived by then and explains that his wife doesn't want to go to the hospital because they think nothing is wrong with her. She's had all the tests. She is supposed to go in this week where they are going to put her in a room, take her off all her meds and see what happens to her over a course of days. She recognizes me as someone who has taken care of her before, including one time when she drove off the road and hit a tree at a very low speed. She says tearfully, "no one believes there is anything wrong with me, but something happens to me."

I don't know what to think.

She signs a refusal and her husband takes her home.