Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Had the day off, but seems I was busier than when I am working.

I cleaned out the garage, and while doing it, noticed that my garage door opener was hanging precariously from the cieling, having lost the bolts on the right side of the bracket. I couldn't get the service company to come until tomorrow so I stacked boxes of books up to the base of the mechanical box to keep it square to the cieling.

I wrote a big check to a friend who is going to wrap the trim on my house -- I have vinyl siding, but the trim is wood and is rotting in some places and needs painting. He noticed my electric power box was falling off the house and said I need to call an electrician to get that taken care of right away.

Drinking cold water today I felt a chill in my front tooth, where I have I guess its called a bridge --three fake teeth cemented onto two real teeth that were whittled down to spikes so they could better hold the fake set. I've had them for about twenty years. They are feeling a little woobly. I will probably ignore it for awhile.

Got an electric and a gas bill. The electric was on the high side -- AC and the hot tub probably accounting for most of it. I did clean the hot tub out, and enjoyed a sojurn in there. It is my one luxury.

I finally got to Home Depot late in the day, and bought a flower pot to put in the big empty flower pot I have had on my front step landing for a couple years. I also bought some cedar mulch to put around the mailbox.

It will be good to be back at work tomorrow, earning money. I'm lucky I'll be in the suburban town for my regular shift. I had swapped out of it, but the guy I swapped with needed to book, so I got the two days back.