Sunday, January 16, 2005

Watching Football

Last day working with my preceptee. Started out with two quick calls. A seizure and a chest pain that turned out to be a young female security guard with the flu. Later we did a kid who suppossedly ate a whole bottle of tylenol. We arrived to find him playing merrily with his siblings. He went to Children's where they probably pumped his stomach. Our last call of the day was a fall in a homeless shelter. We later got a call for a shooting, that was updated to two people shot, one in the neck, but when we got there, there were no victims, and the cops cleared us. We ended up sitting outsdie the Athletic Cafe watching the NFL Playoff game through the window till they called us in.

My preceptee rides with the chief paramedic tomorrow to get cut loose. He should do fine. As for me, its back to working, doing the calls myself.

Working 9-5 tomorrow in the city. Its Martin Luther King Day, so its double time and a half.