Monday, January 02, 2006

In the Rain

Thought I was working in the city today then I got a call at six-thirty this morning saying I was supposed to be out in the suburbs. I had thought I had done a shift swap. Anyway, I was happy to do 12 hours in the suburbs as oppossed to eight in the city.

Did three calls. A nursing home pass from the commercial service for a man who'd fallen down, but hadn't hurt himself. He said he hadn't slept well last night and was tired. The call came in as altered mental status, but he was pretty with it.

We got a call for difficuty breathing at one of the expensive condos up on the mountain. A woman with Alzheimer's had a nasty respiratory infection. I felt bad for her husband. It was raining and he was following in the car. The road was really bumpy, and I couldn't hear the blood pressure so I asked my partner to pull to the side for a moment. He pulls over, and I don't realize it, but the husband pulls over, gets out, walks through the rain and is just about to knock on our back door, when I get the pressure and tell my partner it's okay to continue on. It is only then I glance out the back window and see the poor guy walking back to his car in the pouring rain. My partner said he had been following closely and running red lights to stay up with us even though we weren't going lights and sirens.

Last call was for a lady with chest pain that seemed to occasionally shoot through her body. Her vitals and 12 lead were all good.

A big storm is coming tonight.