Sunday, August 13, 2006


Three calls: 1) the old lady from last week with dementia who was disorientated. Today her problem was she couldn't sleep -- she needed sleep. She slept only an hour. She had to sleep. We hoped when we brought her in might finally get some social service help, but they said she couldn't get her on Medicaid because she still owned her house. Her daughters live far away and she is losing her mind. The neighbor said she called her 22 times the day before. They put her in the waiting room.

The other two calls were for a nursing home man with sepsis and man with abdominal pain.

We spent the afternoon doing mock codes with my preceptee, using an airway maniquin and a CPR manequin. I taped a sponge in a plastic baggy to the manequin's neck to serve as a jugular vein so he could inject drugs. We used our expired epi, atropine, etc. I played "Sammy's friend," and succeeded in pulling the tube out while assaulting the crew. I had them load the mannequins and drive around the block doing CPR. Good times.