Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Great Interest

I had a vicious headache today. I don't normally eat Burger King, but I have always found it to be great anti-headache food, so on the way to work this afternoon, I stopped and got a combo whopper meal, and just as I was pulling into work, just as I opened the door to get out, my radio went off -- a call. I hate that. I had to eat my hamburger going down a bumpy road with the lights and sirens on. That takes away all anti-headache properties. The call was for an old woman and increasing regular customer, who lives alone, and whose complaint today was she just felt "all disorientated." On the drive in she told me several times about how she'd had a big supper. Meal and wheels had brought her meatballs. We had the same conversation five times. My guess was she had some dementia coming on.

Later we did a two patient MVA and a morbidly obese woman who was spitting up blood. We went to the same hospital. The disorientated woman was sitting in the hallway reading the HIPPA form I'd left her. She'd pick it up, read it with great interest for a minute, set it down, and then pick up again and read it with great interest again. She was the only person in the hallway who didn't seemed agonized about the wait.