Saturday, July 08, 2006


Back at work. Not in the door four minutes when we get our first call. An old man who fell and was dizzy and not feeling well. I worked him up from head to toe, put him in a hospital johnny, did a 12 lead, drew blood, etc, even filled out a blank copy of triage demographics. I got him to the hospital before the seven AM nurses came in. The night nurses don't deal with me that much, except for the ones who remember me from when I worked nights. They were all impressed that I had the patient in a johnny and the labs all drawn. They asked me to hook him up to their monitors and do the rest of their routine while they went for coffee. They asked where I was going when I didn't do that. I told them I was writing up the discharge instructions. Good to be back at work.

Next call was for a diabetic. Blood sugar of 44. I gave her an amp of D50, and while she came part of the way around, she didn't come all the way around. her sugar went up to 140. I gave her another half an amp. Still she was having trouble remembering her birth date and her social and other numbers. She said she hadn't eaten that morning or the night before, but she didn't know why she didn't eat. She had a headache and was very hypertensive. I think maybe she had a small stroke the night before, and her muddled thinking caused her not to eat that caused her sugar to go down. I took her in and thety worked her up as a medic alert. Even a hour later, she still wasn't right.

Then we did another old woman -- this time in an MVA. It was a minor low speed MVA frontal impact, and while she claimed to have had her seat belt on, she had a busted nose and massive skin tears on both arms -- she was on prednisone. En route she complained of some chest pain on breathing. She had osteoporosis. She got a trauma workup at the hospital.

Last call was for an old woman with leg pain.