Saturday, October 08, 2005

4 calls

Rainy Day. I'm off tomorrow thank goodness. I admit to being tired.

I sit down to write my entries and all I can think to write is

4 calls. 1) A seizure that turned into an MVA 2) a nursing home pnemonia 3) a seizure 4) a nursing home flu

I can do better than that. The first call occured as I was pulling in to work. I switched with the night medic and as we approached we were updated keep coming code 3, patient seizing. The night medic heard that and got in the 2nd ambulance and came to back us up, but after I got out and saw there was little damage to the car, I cancelled him. It was just a seizure that caused the patient to drift off the road and tap the tree, not a car into tree major head injury causing a seizure.

The second call it was pouring rain. There was a marathon going on in the city today and the roads were all blocked off. It took us forever to get to the hospital. The patient had a heart rate of 156. I gave her some fluid and that didn't change it. I couldn't make out p waves. although the 12 lead computer reader said it was a sinus tach. I had her try to bear down, but that didn't slow the rate any. At the hospital they gave her lopressor, which revealed a sinus tack, but that then dropped her BP to 60. They gave her fluid and she was looking a lot better. Their diagnosis pneumonia and a UTI.

The third call was a seizure, a 37 year old woman with no history of seizures. her mother describes a tonic clonic seizure and the patient had a bit tongue. I recognized her as a patient I have had before. A strange psych patient. She had a history of migranes. I told the nurse she took amytriptyline. The patient said no, she took IMtex for her migranes. I said, you have a bottle of amytriptyline. She said I call that IMTREX. Her pupils were dilated wide.

The last call should have been handled with tylenol at the nursing home.

It's pouring rain. I can't wait to get home.